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BAGI members help Central Indiana residents across nine counties realize the American dream of homeownership.

The BAGI Mission

More than 500 members strong, BAGI is committed to promoting the region’s new-home construction, educating both our members and consumers on the homebuilding industry’s standards, practices and happenings, and providing networking opportunities to encourage member business opportunities and success

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BAGI members are working hard to make homeownership and remodeling possible in Central Indiana. Keep up-to-date with everything BAGI members are contributing to the Greater Indianapolis homebuilding industry.


Builders and buyers footing the bill from U.S. tariffs

As Building Partners of Central Indiana (BPCI) members — along with homebuilders, remodelers and consumers nationwide — are well aware, costs are climbing higher. Rising labor costs, land prices and permit fees have been contributing to escalating home prices for years, but international tariffs imposed throughout the past year and a half have added an additional burden to the industry.

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Choosing to Build A New Home

Used homes don’t feature many of the things most desired by today’s homebuyers. New homes are constantly being redesigned and tweaked to reflect what today’s homebuyers are looking for, including things like open kitchens and large walk-in closets!

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Building Process

Finding the right builder is just as important as finding the right floor plan, since it is their expertise that will be responsible for constructing your new home. Your satisfaction will depend on their experience, skills, and commitment to customer service.

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Much of our growth and the professional business relationships we’ve established with builders, developers, municipalities and other subcontractors over the last 30 years can be traced to our involvement with BAGI. It has allowed us an opportunity to meet with new companies, enhance peer friendships and understand other firms’ perspectives on important issues affecting the residential building industry. The ability to be involved in committees and attend workshops, seminars social sessions and more to gain greater insight on what matters most to BAGI’s membership is an integral aspect and makes the investment very worthwhile.

Tim Eckert,
Weber Concrete Construction

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