Our Mission

The Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis has been a driving force in the construction industry for a century, consistently striving to create a better experience, product, and result for our members and the industry as a whole. As one of the oldest and most respected trade associations in the United States, BAGI has a rich history of supporting the growth and success of our members while promoting excellence and professionalism in the construction industry.

With a mission to advocate for and advance the construction industry in Central Indiana, BAGI has been instrumental in shaping the industry landscape and fostering positive change.

Our Core Values

One of the core pillars of BAGI’s success is our commitment to education and professional development. Through our educational programs, training workshops, and seminars, BAGI helps members stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving construction industry. From keeping up with the latest building codes and regulations to providing access to cutting-edge construction technologies and practices, BAGI continuously invests in the knowledge and skills of our members, ultimately resulting in better construction practices and outcomes.

Furthermore, BAGI plays a vital role in building a strong sense of community and collaboration among our members. Through our networking events, industry forums, and social gatherings, BAGI has created opportunities for members to connect, collaborate, and share best practices. This collaborative approach facilitates the exchange of ideas and fosters innovation, resulting in improved products, services, and outcomes for both the members and the industry.

BAGI is also dedicated to recognizing and promoting excellence in the construction industry. Through our annual awards programs, such as the Builder of the Year, Remodeler of the Year, and Sales & Marketing Excellence Awards, BAGI has honored outstanding achievements in the industry, setting a high standard of excellence and inspiring others to follow suit. This recognition has not only boosted the profile of deserving professionals and companies but has also elevated the overall quality and reputation of the construction industry in Central Indiana.

Our Plan for the Future

As BAGI moves forward past our 100th year, we continue to build on our rich legacy of creating a better experience, product, and result for members and the industry. With a strong focus on education, advocacy, collaboration, and recognition, BAGI remains committed to driving positive change in the construction industry and fostering the growth and success of our members for the next century and beyond.

To learn more about BAGI and our contributions to the industry, visit our website at https://www.bagi.com/.