INDIANAPOLIS (November 21, 2022) – The Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI) continues to complete home projects as annual building permit activity falls by 18 percent. According to BAGI, in October 457 permits were processed compared to 845 in October of 2021.

“These numbers are not surprising or discouraging,” said Steve Lains, CEO of the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis. “Mortgage rates have been unusually low these past few years, so a shift back to 6 or 7 percent rates has led to a slowdown, or rather a return to normalcy, in the market.”

Lains and the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis predicted a decrease in sales in a State of the Industry letter in August. According to the letter, builders are prepared to see construction home sales slow by 25 percent through 2023.

The housing market has undergone several unusual trends in the last two years, and experts expect the market to return a normal annual growth rate of 2 to 4 percent after further market correction though 2023.

“While material delays and supply chain issues continue to be a challenge, our largest obstacles right now are price inflation and land availability” explained Lains.

“The market is starting to become more balanced relative to supply and demand of materials and labor but covid-related price increases, combined with higher interest rates, have made it very difficult to meet the demand for the largest segment of homebuyers – those striving for homes in the price ranges that match the area’s average household incomes,” Lains said.

Permit Breakdown by County: 

County   2021 Permits (Jan - Oct) 2022 Permits (Jan – Oct)
Boone County   662 564
Hamilton County   2878 2186
Hancock County   913 876
Hendricks County   1215 874
Johnson County   877 733
Madison County   540 498
Marion County   1156 1147
Morgan County   334 259
Shelby County   167 113

To reference the latest State of the Industry letter, visit BAGI’s website.

The Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis is a professional trade association representing residential homebuilders, associates, and remodelers. For more information, call 317-527-6774; or visit for permits numbers from 2000-2022.