Building Stronger Communities Together

BAGI has a goal of being advocates for our members in the world of affordable housing, economic development, and government involvement, both local and state-wide. We believe that affordable housing should be top-of-mind in every municipality, so that our Central Indiana residents can afford to live the American dream of home ownership, while positively supporting the new home building industry.

To achieve this, BAGI is part of a coalition of business and trade groups that help educate communities and decision-makers to advocate responsible, balanced housing policies.

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About Build Indiana Roots

WHY WE ARE HERE – Increasing housing costs are stifling the growth of communities across Indiana. When new households are unable to put down roots, the community struggles to thrive. We educate Hoosiers on achievable housing and advocate responsible, balanced housing policies, so all residents can achieve their home buying dreams.

Learn more about Build Indiana Roots and how you can join the coalition to raise awareness, brainstorm more impactful solutions that protect homebuyers and support state growth, and advocate for legislation that benefits us all.

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