Commitments to Member’s Success:

  1. Attend meetings – Teams set rules on permitted number of excused absences before Team considers appointing new member.
  2. Appoint Team Co-Chairs w/ Team established terms
  3. Reinforce Impact Team membership engagement objectives:
    1. Be specific with your “ask” – determine who or what can help make your business more successful.
    2. Create deep connections – attending doesn’t make a network. A network is getting to know others, learning similarities, mutual interests and relationships.   That can be uncomfortable but everyone on the Team has same intent, so you’ll be awkward at first together.
    3. One-to-One meetings – deep connections start at Team meetings but a 15-minute coffee or 30-minute lunch outside of regular Team meeting will help you dig deeper with each other.
    4. Go for the referral – once you have established that connection, a referral is a warm introduction – in-person, phone call, or email – introducing your network connection to a prospect or other person to help both of you grow personally and/or professionally. Make this referral more than the info found on a business card.
    5. Invite guests – bring guests to Team meetings. That helps everyone’s network grow.
    6. Develop and promote the WIFM (What’s In It For Me) or the value proposition of being a Team member:
      1. Knowledge
      2. Awareness
      3. Influence
      4. Solutions
      5. Networking
      6. Relationship Building
    7. Agree to and sign annual anti-trust and anti-conflict documents
    8. Create interest in the Team by using photos highlighting meetings and events through BAGI’s communications and your social media.
  4. Remember, you are a representative of a larger base of BAGI members. Info and ideas gained from Impact Teams help BAGI provide programs and services to that larger base of members.

    Commitments to Team Meeting Success:

    1. Establish Team meeting frequency (NOTE: all Teams are required to meet monthly for first 6 months of Team being organized)
    2. Establish Team Goals and Objectives
    3. Implement at least monthly communication with Impact Team members (both those members attending and those that have identified themselves with corresponding Interest Group of that Team). That communication can include article(s) of interest and/or meeting notes.
    4. Establish and utilize communication tools (app) for the Team to share ideas, needs and build network connections.
    5. Develop and implement at least 2 annual events (i.e. 1 business development & 1 networking) for Team. These could be events that are communicated and then coordinated/implemented in conjunction with other Impact Teams and/or the BAGI Committees.
    6. Perform annual assessments of Team Goals and Objectives.

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