Dear BAGI Members,

The BAGI Board of Directors is very aware of the various issues (both operationally and personally) that all members are experiencing in their companies and on job sites as this pandemic continues.  The BAGI Board is comprised of your peers who are facing the same health and safety concerns for staff, business partners, and customers.  As we consider the association’s response in these unprecedented times, we regularly consider the following:

– Home construction has been deemed essential by the Department of Homeland Security. Not only do we play a vital role in our local, state, and national economy, but we provide one of the basic essentials of life…shelter.

– Consumers are counting on us. We have buyers with move in dates scheduled, and the implications of a shutdown for them are far reaching.

–  Many of our employees and business partners are counting on us. We are not “better” than many other businesses, but our responsibility is to advocate for our industry.  If we choose to take action that stops our industry, there are plenty of businesses and workers that will not be back. We’ve been through difficult times before (in the Great Recession) and hopefully can have a different impact this time.

–  Our outreach is significant…consumers, associates, builders, lenders, realtors, municipalities, etc. We have to do our best to safely keep our economy working where we are deemed able to do so.

Therefore, the Association is supporting the implementation of Job Site Safety Guidelines and accompanying Job Site Safety signs as a resource for our members to implement while the Governor’s Executive Order is effective.  Information from the CDC, NAHB, OSHA and other industry best-practices were referenced to develop these guidelines.  While we hope those are helpful, keep in mind that all of our members operate differently and only you know how best to protect yourself and your workers during these difficult times.

We believe the best course of action for the industry and economy is to do our part in helping make our members’ job sites as safe as possible.

Our ask of you is this:

To please follow these best practices and do your best to communicate these guidelines through your base of trades partners and suppliers.

I personally have made phone calls to my trade partners to emphasize the importance of all of us doing our part to take this seriously on our job sites.  Following these guidelines will help us all to remain essential and keep everyone around us safe.

Thank you for your membership and please feel free to reach out to me directly at if you have any questions, comments or additional ideas for BAGI to consider.


Todd Pyatt
Owner, Pyatt Builders
2020 BAGI Board President