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Description: Facilitates the smooth completion of construction projects by completing field projects on site as needed, maintaining job sites, and keeping an eye out for issues that need addressed.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Perform any necessary construction/carpentry activities.
  • Keep and maintain personal stock of basic job site tools with him at all times.
  • Communicate with Construction Manager on the progress of projects and duties, including any concerns, problems, delays, etc.
  • Inspect work and communicate design drawings and construction methods to subcontractors.
  • Help lead, coordinate and train assistant carpenters.
  • Clean up job sites and help maintain company image of cleanliness and professionalism.
  • Make sure materials and tools on sites are organized and protected from weather/theft.
  • Keep track of company tools on job sites and make sure they return to shop.
  • Keep shop and storage building clean and organized.
  • Help find ways to reduce wasted materials and time and increase profitability

Desired Traits:

  • Ability to communicate clearly and respectfully, and to dress and act as a professional
  • Ability to work in a team, take direction and help the whole company move forward
  • Attention to detail ensuring that all work meets the desired end goal of the design
  • Effective at solving problems in a manner that balances company needs, project schedules and budget requirements
  • A desire to learn and improve continuously


  • 3-5 years’ experience in the construction/remodeling industry or applicable trades
  • Experience using tools and construction equipment safely and effectively
  • Ability to understand construction drawings
  • Ability to use smart phone apps
  • Valid driver’s license
  • High school diploma preferred

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