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At BAGI, we want to do whatever we can to educate our members on the homebuilding industry’s standards, practices and happenings. As we continue to navigate unforeseen changes and an unpredictable market, we want to hear from you!

Whether you’re still experiencing supply chain slowdowns or are finally building enough inventory for your projects, we encourage you to update us on the current status of your materials and supplies so we can keep the rest of our members informed on the current state of the industry. By communicating with us, you’re helping your colleagues succeed in their fields and stay on top of any product and material changes.

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The BAGI Mission

To promote, educate and network along with providing advocacy, education and meaningful services to benefit our members and the new-home building industry.

State of the Industry – January 2023

It is about recent home construction and purchase slowdown, sharing insight into current home building issues.