Clint Lovette is the NAHB Remodeler of the Month for April.

Allowing a client’s phone call, email or text to go unanswered “is like going to bed being angry at your spouse,” said Clint Lovette, CGR, CAPS, president of Lovette Design+Build in Birmingham, Ala. “It only makes it worse in the morning.”

Since getting into the remodeling business nearly 15 years ago, Lovette has continually refined his business strategy around his clients’ needs: meeting expectations and maintaining transparent communication. Doing so has helped his business thrive, and it’s a big reason why Lovette was named the NAHB Remodeler of the Month for April.

“I’m always telling our team that communication is the warm, fuzzy blanket that our client loves to wrap themselves in before they go to bed,” Lovette said. “An email, phone call or daily log in our project management system shows our client that we’re focused on their project and giving them the attention they deserve.”

As his company’s solid reputation within his market has grown, so too has its average job size — up nearly 40% in the last two years, Lovette estimates. He says it’s a result of focusing on the types of projects they do best, as well as a result of market demands.

“What used to be just a kitchen remodel is now an entire first-floor remodel,” Lovette said. “I think the confidence of the consumer in regards to investing in their home is really high right now.”

Like many of his industry peers, Lovette is wrangling with the challenge of finding skilled laborers. He strongly believes a large part of the solution is the development of more training centers and education programs through the support of the local, state and national builder associations.

“They can create that voice we need and dedicate the time, resources and energy toward tackling this and many other challenges,” Lovette said. “NAHB Remodelers spends an enormous amount of time working on education, advocacy issues and connecting remodelers to resources [we wouldn’t otherwise] have as a small business.”

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