We’ve enhanced your membership with new resources, tools, and opportunities – including our Impact Teams and areas of interest! Whether you want to be highly involved or simply receive monthly communications, these groups and teams provide you the opportunity to personalize your membership and be as engaged in a way that works for you.

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Multi-Family Building

Sales & Marketing


Urban Building

Small Business Owners

Suburban Building

Field Superintendents


Young Professionals

Plus, you can further invest in your personal and professional growth by joining an Impact Team!


By self-selecting your areas of interest, you will be able to stay up to date on topics and issues that matter to you. Receive important industry news, attend events that align with your interests and make connections with your peers through your interest group’s personalized Intranet, text, email, and more.

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Impact teams provide a forum for members to cultivate relationships while also helping BAGI committees and staff develop programs and services to match the wide range of our members’ needs.  These tight-knit teams are committed to meeting monthly, providing opportunities for you to learn from one another, share resources, and discuss industry challenges and successes.

Toggle through the Impact Teams below to view the focus for each Impact Team and decide which ones are right for you! You may apply for up to three Impact Teams.

Field Superintendents

Areas of focus will include such topics as:

  • Learning about building codes
  • Educating employees on customer service and communication
  • Learning about common permitting and inspection challenges, including avenues to challenge inspectors or plan reviewers


Urban Building & Development

Areas of focus will include such topics as:

  • Permitting and inspection issues
  • Partnerships with utilities
  • Opportunities to engage with the local neighborhoods and schools
Sales & Marketing

Areas of focus will include such topics as:

  • Customer service education
  • Branding and social media marketing tactics
  • Development of sales processes and techniques
Suburban Building & Development

Areas of focus will include such topics as:

  • Using data to improve your business
  • Managing your subcontractors
  • Learning about land use issues that impact housing
  • Investing in the next generation of the workforce
Young Professionals

Areas of focus will include such topics as:

  • Cultivating relationships with peers who experience similar challenges as you
  • Giving back to your community alongside fellow members
  • Foster mentor/mentee relationships to grow professionally
Small Business Owners

Areas of focus will include such topics as:

  • Building and growing your business with trainings in HR, legal, financing, and employee management
  • Elevating your company’s culture
  • Developing safety processes that comply with OSHA standards
Multi-Family Building & Development

Areas of focus will include such topics as:

  • Industry partnerships
  • Land use and regulatory challenges
  • Finding opportunities to grow and expand in Central Indiana

Areas of focus will include such topics as:

  • Improving your business with HR trainings and education
  • Meeting client expectations
  • Managing municipal oversight of remodels versus new home construction



Areas of focus will include topics such as:

  • Cost savings for builders/remodelers and high focus on innovative products to differentiate ourselves in the Indy market.
  • Helping vendors and manufacturers achieve a high level of engagement with builders/remodelers
  • Education, training, trips, and networking events with peers in the custom home building industry

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